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Initially founded in 2002 by Master Falconer Brad Felger, Airstrike has been growing steadily since its inception. Brad was a founder of Falconry Based Bird Abatement in the U.S. Airstrike provides services and consulting to landfill operations, vineyards and other agriculture, resorts, industrial parks, and commercial locations. We have locations servicing the states of California, Oregon, and Washington, with more service areas being added.

Brad Felger, CEO & President is a Master Falconer with over 45 years of licensed falconry, including training and managing large populations of captive raptors, Brad’s wealth of knowledge brings insights into solving bird control challenges that only his extensive experience can provide. Brad’s attention to detail ensures that our trained animals and experienced falconers are well prepared for the tasks they perform. He is a licensed bird of prey breeder and has one of the largest raptor breeding programs on the west coast.


For centuries man and falcons have been partners. As far back as 4000 years ago, man and falcon cooperated to the benefit of both. Modern falconry is an extension of that long term relationship. United States falconers are licensed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service and state Department of Fish and Game or Department of Wildlife to handle and train birds of prey.

Falconry based bird abatement

Using falconry based techniques, hawks and falcons are trained to chase and harass pest birds. The pest birds will leave the protected area when the decision is to eat or be eaten.


Our falconry based bird abatement staff are trained and licensed falconers, with a minimum two-year apprenticeship, our staff has learned to understand the motivation of the pest birds and use falconry techniques to discourage pest birds searching for feeding and nesting opportunities.

Opportunities for Falconers

Airstrike Bird Control, Inc. occasionally has needs for additional staff, generally on a project-basis during harvest seasons. If you are a licensed and experienced falconer, please contact us.

Our rates are competitive, and we offer an unprecedented level of support.

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